Emergency Response Services

Strong Arm Logistics can provide emergency services (medical and fire fighting) and Aero Medical Services (AME).

The company has relationships with several African medical providers who can supply a range of medical services ranging from initial responders and ambulances to on site containerised/tent medical facilities. AME services to Johannesburg, Nairobi or Dubai can be arranged as required.

One of the major risks to any camp is fire. Fire fighting services and /or equipment, including training and drills can be provided to ensure personnel and camp safety.

Exceeding your demands

Providing a wide range of logistics servies

Including, camp support services, freight forwarding, project shipments, fuel distribution, aviation services and more

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Aviation Services

Strong Arm Logistics via a partner can provide a range of aviation services. The company can provide fixed and rotary wing assets via a...

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Training & Consultancy

Strong Arm Logistics has partnered with an international company that specialises in the training of staff in mine operations...

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