History of Strong Arm Logistics Where it all begun

Dennis Green and Leon Smith founded Strong Arm Logistics in August 2013, having extensive experience in managing logistics operations in Africa and other locations throughout the world.

After managing several logistics and camp services contracts in Zambia, Ethiopia, Chad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dennis and Leon saw an opportunity to provide a professional, value for money logistics and management service to the mining and exploration industry. They believed there was a shortage of experienced professional providers who focused on providing a value for money service.

Therefore they decided they could meet the customers’ requirements, provide value for money and still make Strong Arm Logistics a strong viable company.

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Why Choose us?

  • Professionalism - many years of working in Africa and meeting the customer’s best work practices and corporate requirements
  • Experience and knowledge of how business works in Africa
  • Decisiveness and a can do attitude - the owners operate the company and personally manage the process
  • Attitude - no job is too small or too big


Our Vision

To provide a safe, timely, cost effective and professional service that exceeds customers demands



Others Talk, We do!Exceeding your demands

Providing a wide range of logistics servies

Including, camp support services, freight forwarding, project shipments, fuel distribution, aviation services and more

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